About Bracko Interiors

It’s been 37 years since the doors opened at Bracko Interiors

In 1983, the Bracko family purchased the “Oak Shoppe”, which had been in business since 1980.  This store specialized in oak furniture, and they were known for the quality, durability and design of their products.

In 1987, the Oak Shoppe became the “Bracko Brothers Oak Shoppe”.  Carey Bracko had a vision as to where he wanted to take his furniture business.  He believed his customers deserved the best value for their money when it came to the quality, comfort, design, and functionality of the furniture he was looking to purchase.

“Educating the customer on the quality of furniture and the value that’s tied into the quality they’re getting, so they understand the difference, is how we’ve grown and maintained our customer base.” says Bracko. “Whether it’s a low, mid-grade or high-end piece – quality and value should go hand-in-hand. It’s all about making an informed buying decision – you should get what you pay for.”

Bracko Brothers carries 3 levels of quality to meet the needs of their customers and their budgets.  It’s about choosing manufacturers that can meet their goal of balancing quality, design, comfort and affordability.

Our Staff

Carey Bracko

Lou Bracko

Corey Davis

Ingrid Canales

Corey Brandon

Sherri Patterson