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It’s been 40 years since the doors opened at Bracko Interiors

It’s been 30 years since their doors opened. What’s the story behind their continued success?

In 1983, the Bracko family purchased the “Oak Shoppe”, which had been up and running since 1980. This store specialized in oak furniture, and they were known for the quality, durability and design of their products.

In 1987, the Oak Shoppe became the “Bracko Brothers Oak Shoppe”. Carey Bracko had a bigger vision as to where he wanted to take his furniture business. He believed his customers deserved the best when it came to the quality, comfort, design, and functionality of the furniture he was looking to purchase.

“Educating the customer on the quality of furniture and the value that’s tied into the quality they’re getting, so they understand the difference, is how we’ve grown and maintained our customer base.” says Bracko. “Whether it’s a low, mid-grade or high-end piece – quality and value should go hand-in-hand. It’s all about making an informed buying decision – you should get what you pay for.”

Bracko Brothers carries furniture to meet three tiers of customers and their budgets. Starting with a basic series that is still of top quality. It’s about choosing manufacturers that can meet their goal of balancing quality, design, comfort and affordability.

As designs and styles change, the Bracko’s product lines change, in order to meet the wants and needs of their customers without ever compromising the quality of the furniture they offer.

At the beginning, the store specialized in oak, but later introduced six other woods including maple, cherry, walnut, hickory, ¼ sawn oak and pine. They also introduced upholstery, leather, and mattresses. You could fully furnish every room in your home with quality furniture that was built to last! These changes provoked a change in the store’s name and the “Bracko Brothers Quality Furniture Store” was established.

“You should only have to buy furniture once,” says Bracko. “Unless you decide to change your décor, but the point is, the furniture you purchase from us will last you a very long time. The line-up of builders we’ve assembled over 30 years is the best a store can offer to Calgarians.”

“We have a distinct advantage in the market which is the “knowledge and experience” we have with woods, leathers and mattresses,” says Bracko, “along with educating customers on the quality of the product, based on the type of wood used and the structure and functionality.”

They’ve had two store locations in the city over the last 30 years. The original store was located on 52nd ST. S.E., in a strip mall. “We realized we needed to be more central to accommodate our customers, so in 1987, we moved to the location we’re in now on Blackfoot Trail. This location has served us well,” says Bracko.

The thought of expanding the business and opening another store has come into play, but he decided against it in order to ensure he could still provide the best service and quality at the best price. Bracko also owns his building, which allows him to give his consumers the best price with no extra overhead.

A 10,000 square foot showroom allows customers to get a good feel for the furniture’s quality and comfort. You can go in and browse around at the large selection of furniture available. Plus, test the comfort and learn about the quality and what’s gone into making a piece, based on the furniture’s structure and material used.

“We have extremely knowledgeable staff who are well versed in the product lines we carry,” says Bracko. “They can provide you with the information you need to ensure you understand the quality and value you’re getting when purchasing product/s from us.”

An experienced design team is also on-hand to provide expert advice on the best fabrics to use, how to coordinate color choices, styles and/or furniture in your home. A complimentary in-home consultation can also be arranged.

They also have inside access to their manufacturers’ “product/s” which often includes one-of-a-kind pieces or discontinued items. This allows Bracko to provide additional savings to the consumer. “Based on our relationship with our manufacturers, we get some great deals on furniture – and the inventory is always changing,” says Bracko.

To accommodate this inventory, they’ve set up “Behind the Scenes Savings” in the back of their showroom that is a must-see for anyone looking for a great deal and/or a unique item. It also includes floor models. In many cases, you can purchase furniture from Bracko’s and take it home the same day.

If you can’t go in to browse their showroom, you have the option of shopping online. Bracko Brothers is continuously upgrading and improving their website to keep up with the online consumers who prefer to shop or do research from the comfort of their own home. You can browse through all of their manufacturers’ lines and choose from many styles to furnish any room in your home.

“We’re building our online content to provide information that’s going to interest the consumer and help them make informed buying decisions,” says Bracko.

Customers care about the fact that Bracko Brothers has survived 30 years in the industry. It adds to their credibility and proves they provide quality furniture for a good price. “We have many repeat customers that keep coming back,” says Bracko. “We must be doing something right.”

Bracko Brothers has always been involved in the community. “It’s important for us to support the community and to give back,” says Bracko, “A big thanks goes out to our past customers who continue to come back and support us!”

“Bracko Interiors” is now being launched – it is a new division that provides the same quality and service you’ve come to rely on, but carries some fresh, new product lines, styles and designs set to take the company forward into the next 30 years.

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